Management Consulting

Unlike the large management consulting firms, Acceleration Advisors work exclusively with our clients to deliver the most optimal and technically vetted business strategy for the execution of emerging technologies in the market place.

Emerging Technology

For the successful execution of a new technology or redeployment of an existing technology into a new market, there has to be seamless communication between technology and development teams with marketing and sales.

Regulatory Support

Determine which levers in government have the most influence over your technology or product. Foreign companies- get introduced to American business and regulatory guidelines in your industry.

Who are we?

Our core values include hard work, diligence and creativity. In every project, we apply these values and make a pledge to each of our clients to operate with the highest ethical standards and to not compromise our integrity for expediency.

Clients can expect an immutable commitment to excellence for every project that AAI participates in. We are also committed to provide an objective view of the technology, ensuring that we are not drinking the same cool-aid of the R&D teams that might have worked on the technology development.