Management Consulting

Unlike the large management consulting firms, Acceleration Advisors work exclusively with our clients to deliver the most optimal and technically vetted business strategy for the execution of emerging technologies in the market place.

Emerging Technology

For the successful execution of a new technology or redeployment of an existing technology into a new market, there has to be seamless communication between technology and development teams with marketing and sales.

Regulatory Support

Determine which levers in government have the most influence over your technology or product. Foreign companies- get introduced to American business and regulatory guidelines in your industry.

Technology Due Diligence / Applications Vetting

The problem with technology is that often times, their creators are so close to the technology, they may miss opportunities to apply the technologies in nuanced applications, which may ultimately lead to substantial new market opportunities.

Acceleration Advisors takes an agnostic approach to technology evaluation and marketing analysis. Since we are passionate about seeing our client’s technologies thrive in the market place, but we metaphorically pride ourselves in not “drinking the cool-aid” from the technology teams. Rather, we objectively verify the technologies, determine other innovative applications for the technology in the market place and work with our clients to bring technologies to bear in the market. Our work expands the realm from market analysis, market development to technology development and evaluation.